Military 学费援助

军事学费援助适用于现役军人, but it is also available to Air Force Reserve, 陆军国民警卫队, 海岸警卫队预备队, and Marine/Navy Reservists who are on AD orders for 180 days or more – check with your unit educational services if you think you may be eligible.

    • MyCAA is a DoD Scholarship for spouses of Active Duty, 预备役和国民警卫队成员在选定的工资等级.
    • 最高可提供4美元,000 in financial assistance for licenses, 认证, 国家考试或副学士学位,从事职业或职业领域.
    • 只包括学费,其他费用由你自己承担
    • 如欲申请,请浏览
    • Contact your VMBS 索取你的教育和培训计划(ETP)副本,并提交给你的MyCAA顾问.
      • Please allow up to one week for Ivy Tech to prepare your and an additional two weeks for MyCAA to review and approve your plan for funding.
    • MyCAA funding must be approved prior to the start of class.
    • 如果您有关于MyCAA的具体问题,请联系您的MyCAA顾问.
    • Students must 开设帐户 在使用TA之前: Military 学费援助 (MilTA)
    • 课程可以在课程开始前45天申请
    • TA provides up to $4,500 per fiscal year
    • 只包括学费,其他费用由你自己承担
    • Available to students on Active Duty and Reservists
    • TA is not available to you; however, you are able to apply for the Indiana State National Guard Supplemental Grant
    • 你必须在每年的3月10日前提交FAFSA来申请奖学金. Ivy Tech’s 联邦学校守则 is 009917 to apply.
    • The Grant will cover your tuition charges (similar to TA) and any non-grant-covered charges will be your responsibility.
    • The Grant is only available for fall and spring semesters.
    • Students must 开设帐户 在使用TA之前: ArmyIgnitED
    • 您将需要一个CAC阅读器来设置和访问您的帐户.
    • 课程可以在课程开始前60天申请.
    • TA每个财政年度提供高达4,500美元,每个国防部财政年度提供最多16个学分
      • Funding is paid on a per-credit basis so you may qualify for partial funding of a class to ensure you receive funding for all 16 credit hours.
    • 只包括学费,其他费用由你自己承担
    • Active, Reserve, and National Guard may be eligible
    • Students must 开设帐户 在使用TA之前: ArmyIgnitED
    • 您将需要一个CAC阅读器来设置和访问您的帐户.
    • 课程可以在课程开始前60天申请.
    • TA每个财政年度提供高达4,500美元,每个国防部财政年度提供最多16个学分.
      • Funding is paid on a per-credit basis so you may qualify for partial funding of a class to ensure you receive funding for all 16 credit hours.
    • 只包括学费,所有其他费用由助教承担.
    • You may also qualify for the 印第安纳州国民警卫队 Supplemental Grant
      • You must have used all benefits, or be ineligible for benefits, under 学费援助 to qualify for the Grant.
      • You must submit a FAFSA by March 10th each year; Ivy Tech’ 联邦学校守则 is 009917 to apply.
      • 助学金将支付你的学费,任何非助学金范围内的费用将由你自己承担.
      • The Grant is only available for fall and spring semesters.
    • Students must 开设帐户 在使用TA之前: 学费援助.
    • You do not need access to a CG workstation, 但你需要一个CAC阅读器来设置和访问你的帐户.
    • 课程可以在课程开始前90天申请.
    • TA的上限为3750美元.每个国防部财政年度的预算.
    • 只包括学费,所有其他费用都是你的经济责任.
    • Available to Active Duty and Reserve service members.
    • 你必须将你的助教授权表格副本提交给你的 VMBS.
    • Students must 开设帐户 在使用TA之前: How Do I Apply for 学费援助?  选择您的基地,然后选择主页上的教育按钮.
    • 课程可以在课程开始前60天申请.
    • TA provides up to $4,500 per fiscal year
    • TA is authorized for tuition charges in addition to lab, instructional, computer, 还有注册费, not to exceed $250 per semester hour.
    • 所有其他费用不包括在TA是你的财务责任.
    • TA Is limited to no more than 2 classes simultaneously
    • Available to students on Active Duty
    • 你必须将你的助教授权表格副本提交给你的 VMBS 
    • Students must 开设帐户 在使用TA之前
    • 课程可以在课程开始前60天申请
    • TA provides up to $4,500 per fiscal year
    • 只包括学费,所有其他费用都是你的经济责任
    • Students are limited to 18 credit hours per DoD fiscal year
    • Only available to Active Duty and Reservists on AD Orders
    • 你必须将你的助教授权表格副本提交给你的 VMBS
  • 各分行申请TA的基本流程如下:

    • Set up an account with your respective service website
    • Request TA on your service's website.
      • 学费和学期日期已经预先填写,以便于选择
        • 如果选择的课程开始/结束日期与您注册的课程日期不匹配, your TA request will be denied.
    • 一旦你收到你的授权副本,如有必要,提供一份副本给你的 VMBS 进行处理.

    What happens with my TA approval

    • Once you are approved for TA
      • 我们将暂停你的账户,这样你就不会因为不付款而被取消.
      • After the 100% refund period, 我们将在你的常青藤理工学院账户中扣除预期的学费.
      • After the 60% completion date for the class, we will invoice the military for the actual tuition charges.
        • If you adjust your TA authorization after Ivy Tech has credited your account and we are unable to receive funding from the military, you will be responsible for any balance due.


    • 作为您的TA帐户设置的一部分,每个服务分支机构都需要您的学位计划副本.  这可以使用学位完成跟踪器从MyIvy中提取.   请与您的 VMBS for assistance with this step.
    • You will need to first go to MyIvy
    • Under Tools & 资源,选择 学位完成跟踪.
    • Choose the 打印机友好链接 to the right of the degree audit.
    • The audit will open in a new window. 从 File
    • From the list of printers in the Print dialog, choose 微软打印 to PDF.
    • 输入文件名并选择要保存文件的位置,然后单击 Save.
    • 然后,PDF学位计划可以上传到您的助教帐户中进行服务审查.

    Important information about your TA portal

    • 学费是预加载的,如果你的实际学费较低, 我们将减少我们的发票金额,以反映实际学费.
    • Class term dates for pre-loaded and you must select 这个期限的日期是 match your course schedule.
      • 如果选择的学期日期与实际上课日期不符,你的助教申请将被拒绝.
    • It is recommended that you request TA for each class individually so that if any updates are required it will not impact other courses/TA approvals.
    • 如果您的注册课程或课程学期日期发生变化, contact your Unit ESO/Ed Center to update your authorization.
    • TA用户在设置TA帐号时必须选择他们的主校区.  你的主校区是你在申请常青藤理工学院时选择的地点.   请与您的 VMBS for assistance if you are unsure what that campus is, or are having difficulty locating it in your TA portal.
    • TA users are required to maintain a GPA of 2.所有本科课程的学费为0,以便继续获得资助.
      • If you fall below this GPA, 联系你所在单位的ESO/教育中心,了解如何记录提高的GPA以恢复TA的资助.
    • 申请助教的学生必须在所有课程中取得“C”或以上的及格成绩.  没有获得“C”或以上成绩的学生将被要求偿还军方的助教费用.  联系你的单位ESO/教育中心,了解这个过程是如何为你的服务部门工作的.
    • 如果你正在使用学费援助(TA),请确保你已经申请并得到了资助 approved according to the chart below.




    Ivy Tech Needs Copy of Approval

    Air Force

    45 days prior to class start

    7 days prior to class start



    60 days prior to class start

    7 days prior to class start


    Coast Guard

    90 days prior to class start

    7 days prior to class start


    Marine Corps

    60 days prior to class start




    120 days prior to class start

    14 days prior to class start



  • A 军队离开 of Absence is available to eligible service members who are temporarily called to active duty or deployed from their normal duty stations provided the following criteria is met:

    • 订单必须显示学生将被部署连续30天或更长时间.
    • 学生必须在他们的班级中表现良好,并且在部署时获得及格成绩.
    • Students must have met all prior attendance requirements.
    • 学生必须向退伍军人服务办公室和注册办公室提供他们的订单副本.
    • Students must meet with their professor(s) and complete the Student Deployment Agreement to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, 退伍军人事务办事处, Program Chair, and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.


    • They are issued orders of deployment before the class begins.
    • They are notified during the add/drop period for the term.
    • The deployment is for an annual two week training period.
  • Active Duty, Reservists and National Guard students currently enrolled in a degree program at Ivy Tech have four options when they are deployed:

    Option 1 -退课100%退款:学费将从学生账户中扣除.  Prior to dropping courses students must meet with the 退伍军人事务办事处 and/or 金融援助 to discuss possible ramifications to any financial aid used for the term.

    Option 2 – Receive an ‘Incomplete’ for course(s).

    • Students must notify their VMBS and Registrar’s Office of their home campus within 30 days of returning from a deployment with their unit.  If the student does not contact their home campus within 30 days of the end of the deployment period listed on the military orders then the “Incomplete” will be converted to an “F”.
    • Students have 30 days to complete the coursework listed on the Student Deployment Agreement from the date of documented return.
    • Students can request an extension if they have extenuating circumstances preventing completion within 30 days by submitting a letter of request and providing supporting documentation to the Academic Affairs Office.
    • If coursework is not completed within the allotted timeframe then the ‘Incomplete’ grade will be converted to an “F”.

    Option 3 -通过通信(电子邮件,信件等)继续课程.),前提是可以作出合理的安排以满足课程的要求.  此选项不适用于以“0”开头的技能开发课程。.  学生应与每位教授会面,作出适当安排.  如果有互联网服务,学生必须立即与教授和VMBS联系, or other necessary resources, are not available at their final duty station.

    Option 4 – If the student has completed at least 75% of the class, then with the professor’s approval, a “Final Grade” for the course may be assigned.  是否允许布置“期末成绩”的决定完全由该课程的教授决定.

  • If there is an extension to, or change of, 军事订单,学生必须立即通过电子邮件通知他们的VMBS和注册办公室, mail, fax, etc.  A copy of the revised orders must be received from the student for the 军队离开 of Absence to remain in effect.


  • I don’t’ see my class dates when I log in to request TA

    • Students can only see start/end dates for classes that are currently within the TA request window for their Branch of Service.
      • 如果您注册的课程没有显示日期,则请求窗口可能不会打开. 请等待您的服务分支的请求窗口打开并完成您的TA请求.
    • Once the deadline to submit a TA request for a class passes, the dates will no longer show in the TA portal. In this case, you will be unable to request funding for the affected class(es) and you will need to find other funding options to cover that tuition cost.

    我的课程在本学期的前8周和后8周开始, what do I do?

    • 建议你为你注册的每门课申请资金,作为单独的助教授权. 如果需要进行任何更改,这可以避免混淆和潜在的错误. 
    • 在每个注册课程的窗口打开时登录TA门户并申请资助. When we receive your first TA authorization for the semester, 我们将标记您的账户, so you won’t be dropped for non-payment.
      • 在100%退款后,我们将在您的帐户中记入待支付的助教款项. 随着额外的TA授权的到来,我们将继续将这些资金记入您的账户.

    What if I’m taking classes at different Ivy Tech locations? How do I request TA funding for that?

    • All TA funding is based on your home campus. When you set up your TA accounts with the military, 请选择你申请常青藤理工学院时选择的主校区. 
      • 当你申请资金时, 所有课程将在该校区进行处理和批准, regardless of where the actual instruction takes place.
      • If you do not see your home campus listed in your TA portal, please reach out to your campus VMBS for assistance.

    What happens if I change classes after my TA is approved?

    • 助教批准是特定于课程的,只能用于适用于你所宣布的学位课程的课程.
      • 如果你更改了课程表,却没有更新助教批文, then we will not be able to bill the military for the new class and the tuition charges will become your responsibility.
    • 如果您注册了一个课程,然后将其更改为具有相同开始/结束日期的另一个课程. (ex. your TA was approved for ENGL 111 from 8-21 to 10-12 but you changed to MATH 123 from 8-21 to 10-12) then you can contact your Unit ESO/Ed Center and request that they update the authorization to reflect this class change. Once a revised authorization is issued, 提交一份副本到您的校园VMBS,我们将为正确的班级更新我们的记录和发票.
    • 如果您的课程更改,也会更改新课程的开始/结束日期, then you will need to terminate the old TA authorization and submit a new authorization with the correct course information in addition to the new start/end dates.


    • 不幸的是,所有服务分支都有严格的TA批准截止日期. 一旦审批窗口关闭,就没有豁免追溯资金的机会. 如果发生这种情况,您将需要找到另一种支付方式来支付费用. 
      • If you have not already filed a FAFSA, 这样做是因为你可能有资格获得额外的资助,帮助你支付课程费用, 联邦学校守则 009917.
      • 在日历上标记下一个助教窗口,这样你就不会再错过了.
  • 为什么我的TA授权说政府支付0美元?

    • 每个学生每个财政年度只能获得一定的学分. 超过这一限额的任何批准的助教学分将反映0美元的军事支付.
    • Classes funded at $0 will not pe paid by the military, but they will still be counted towards your total number of TA authorized credits and will also be used to calculate your overall GPA for TA benefits.
      • 你将需要找到其他经济途径来资助$0批准的课程.


    Ivy Tech is a flat-rate tuition school which means that once a student is enrolled in 12 or more credits the semester tuition charges remain the same.

    • 以确保我们总是为军方开具最大允许金额的发票, 我们已经预装了我们的学费费率,以反映学生本学期可能收取的最高金额. 我们只收取军队的实际学费,即使你被批准的数额更高.

    I am a full-time student being charged flat-rate tuition, 但军方并没有收到全额学费的发票.

    • 当一名学生在常春藤理工学院注册了12个或更多学分时,他们有资格获得统一的学费. However, the military only allows us to invoice using the flat-rate amount when the student has 12 or more credits approved for TA funding. 
      • 本学期通过的助教总学分少于12学分者, then we must invoice at the per-credit rate. 这些金额的任何差额都将由你的学生账户承担. 

    I tried to make a payment on my balance due in MyIvy but my TA payments aren’t showing and it wants me to pay for all of my charges.

    • 在100%退款后,我们将在您的帐户中记入待支付的助教款项. 如果你在学期初和之后都有主课, then the credit will be applied at different times.  通常情况下,您可以等到所有的信用额度都已申请,并支付余额剩余. 
      • 或者你可以建立一个付款计划,提前部分支付TA的信用到你的账户.
        • 一旦申请了信用额度,您的账户余额为0美元,自动付款将停止.
        • If the credit is applied and a balance remains, 然后自动付款将继续,直到余额支付.
        • If at any time you ended up overpaying your account, the excess payments made by you will be refunded.


    • TA only covers the cost of your tuition – books, consumables, and all other fees are your financial responsibility.
    • 如果你还没有申请所有课程的资金, that may be part of why you still have a balance due.  Verify that you have requested funding in a timely manner for all classes to ensure full TA benefits for each semester.  
  • 我想用我的9/11后退伍军人法案福利和助教,这是如何运作的?

    • TA can be combined with your Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits.  In this case, 我们协调从军队和退伍军人事务部支付的费用.  使用这两种福利不会影响您的MHA,因为这是基于向VA报告的学分数量, 不管我们最终要向他们报告多少学费.
    • The military will apply the number of credit hours used towards your lifetime limit of 130 credits as an undergraduate student and the VA will apply the total full months of MHA paid towards your lifetime limit of 36 months of benefits.


    • 学生可以使用TA来支付学费,同时领取Ch. 1606年的福利,以支付额外的费用,只有当他们注册了至少半学期.
      • 注册时间少于半次的学生必须选择他们是想使用TA还是接受Ch. 1606 stipend.
  • I want to change my major, how does that affect my TA?

    There are generally limitations on the number of times a student can change their major or program and still be allowed to use TA. Please reach out to your Unit ESO/Ed Center for guidance on these limitations and the correct process to update your TA account.

    • 如果你已经改变了你在常春藤理工学院的专业或项目, 确保你已经在助教门户网站上更新了你的专业或项目,并上传了新的学位计划. The military makes all decisions on TA funding approvals.
    • 如果你已经更新了你的专业或课程,但还没有更新你的常青藤理工学院的课程. 请联系您的学术顾问或校园VMBS寻求帮助.

    我在另一所学校注册,但想在常春藤理工学院上课,以便转学回来, how does that work with TA?

    • 使用助教同时在两所不同的学校上课的过程因你的服务部门而异. Please reach out to your Unit ESO/Ed Center for guidance.  Army IgnitED users can also 参考本指南.


    • If you drop within a 100% refund period for the class, 我们不会向军队收费,你也不会欠学校或军队任何东西.
    • If you withdraw from the class (earn a W), or stop attending (earn a FW), 然后我们根据你参加的天数计算军队欠你的学费. 我们为军队的学费开具发票,任何额外的学费将由你负责.
      • 你可能欠军队和常春藤理工大学的不劳而获的学费.

    What if don’t earn a “C” or better in my class?

    • If you earn less than a “C”, 军方会从你在常春藤理工学院的账户中单独收回你所支付的学费.
    • 每个服务分支都有不同的补偿选项,根据您的状态和到期金额而变化. 请联系您所在单位的ESO/教育中心以获取进一步指导.
    • 所有的服务分支都允许你继续使用TA来偿还不及格的课程, 前提是仍然满足所有既定的资格要求.
  • 我在哪里可以找到我的单位ESO/教育中心的联系信息?

    • Air Force – the Air Force uses a 虚拟教育中心 支援空军. 请登录你的助教账号,提交帮助单,帮助你解决问题.
    • 陆军/陆军国民警卫队 -包含一个链接到当前PDF列表的所有教育中心全球所有活动, Reserve, 和警卫部队. 您也可以登录您的armyignite帐户并提交帮助台票. 
    • Coast Guard -选择您的基地查找您的教育中心信息. 
    • Navy/Marine Corps - The Navy uses a virtual education center. To make changes to your TA authorizations or request any information or guidance from the Navy please log into your MyNavy Education account and submit an Issue Tracker. 




    退伍军人管理局要求你提供正式的军事和先前的大学成绩单(如果适用) evaluated with the current college you are enrolled.

    To request your official military transcripts, 请点击下面的相应链接,并将您的正式成绩单发送到亚游集团app下载社区学院.



  • Where can I take CLEP and/or DANTES exam for college credit?

    Ivy Tech Community College testing center provides CLEP and DANTES (DSST)测试.

  • 我刚接到军令,不能完成现在的课程, what can I do?

    Ivy Tech has a Military Deployment – 休假政策.  一定要采取行动,一旦你知道现役命令, 在你离开之前有一些要求需要满足. Further information is found here.

    I am an out of state student what does TA pay for?

    国防部限制任何学生每学分可获得的最高学费为250美元. 目前,常青藤理工大学的州外学费高于这个数字.   在这个例子中, we will bill the military for the $250 allowed, 任何额外的学费都将由你自己承担. 


    • All branches of service limit TA to one credential per level. 此外,他们不会资助任何低于已经获得的证书的培训.  If you have not already earned an associate degree or higher, 那么你就可以用助教的资金继续你的学业. 
    • If your declared program with the military is a Certificate or Technical Certificate and you want to update to an associate degree program, 您将需要更新您的TA帐户,并获得您的服务对更改的批准. 一旦进行了此更改,使用TA的过程保持不变.



    • 如果你的助教账户被冻结,无法为未来的课程申请资金, please reach out to your Unit ESO/Ed Center for guidance. Common reasons for a hold are:
      • 以前的课程不及格,没有制定还款计划. Contact your ESO/Ed Center to set up a repayment plan.
      • 缺少学位计划(完成6学时后需要). Upload a copy of your degree plan from MyIvy.
      • The end of Service date is before the end date of the class. 如果您已经签订了新的合同,那么修改后的日期可能还没有在TA系统中更新. Contact your ESO/Ed Center to have the dates corrected.
      • 等待军事纪律处分-如果你在军队中表现不佳的话, they will not authorize TA. 联系你的单位,以确定何时你将有资格再次使用TA.
      • Program completion/graduation. 必须提交新的课程,并批准学位计划.
      • 失踪的成绩. If your prior grade was not reported, 联系你的校园VMBS,让他们帮助你上传.
      • GPA低于2.0. GPA is calculated based only on classes funded with TA.  请联系您的ESO/教育中心,了解如何记录改进的GPA.  在很多情况下,在你的GPA提高之前,你需要获得$0的助教批准. 

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 有关退伍军人事务部提供的教育福利的更多信息,请访问美国官方网站.S. 政府网站