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Oct 30
  • Last Date to Drop: Fall 2nd 8-Week Courses
Nov 19
  • 4-Week Fall Class Session #3 Ends
  • 12-Week Early Start Ends
Nov 20
  • 4-Week Fall Class Session #4 Begins
Nov 23-24
  • Thanksgiving Holiday (College Closed)
Nov 23-26
  • Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)
Dec 17
  • Fall Semester Ends
  • 4-Week Fall Class Session #4 Ends
  • 8-Week Fall Class Session #2 Ends
  • 12-Week Fall Classes End

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  • Getting Started

    你开始常春藤理工学院教育的第一步是申请入学——没有申请费. And we’ve made that as simple as possible! 如果你以前从未申请过,或者离你上次申请已经两年了,你就会被淘汰tart by clicking here. 这个页面描述了这个过程,并告诉你以后你可能需要上传什么来进行评估. From there, you will click the “Apply Now for Free” button. It’s an easy process!


    Ivy Tech does not require applications by certain dates. 相反,我们提供了五个机会,分别在一月、三月、六月、八月和十月开始上课. You can start whichever time works best in your life. Your application will take about 7-10 business days to process, after which you will receive an acceptance letter in the mail. 如果你在这段时间内没有收到我们的回复,请致电招生办公室 888-IVY-LINE (1-888-489-5463) for information.

    Online Application
    We accept online applications. If this won’t work for you, you will need to visit your local campus.

  • How to Become an Ivy Tech Student

    一旦你收到录取通知书,你就会得到下一步该怎么做的指示. 以下是成为常春藤理工学院学生的步骤列表.

    1. Your first step will be to set up your MyIvy Account, which you’ll use all the time for student information.
    2. Meet with an Enrollment Specialist at your campus (find local campus contact info here).
    3. File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    4. Submit your transcripts if you recently finished high school or college courses.
    5. Check to see if you need to take a Knowledge Assessment.
    6. Meet with your Career Coach.
    7. Meet with your Advisor.
    8. Register for classes.
    9. Pay for classes and/or set up a payment plan.

    Getting Started Checklist

    If you like to check off items on a list, you can download a handy checklist here 概述了完成注册和课程注册并成为常春藤理工学院学生的步骤.

    Tuesdays@The Tech

    如果这一切让你感到有点不知所措,别担心,我们是来帮助你的. Take advantage of Tuesdays@TheTech 你可以在任何一个周二到你当地的校园去获得个人支持和指导,以完成你的注册.

  • You will not be alone as you take your Ivy Tech journey. Instead, you’ll be guided by your Advisor, who will meet with you to build your Academic Completion Plan. 这将包括决定每学期上哪门课. 如果你打算在完成常青藤技术学位或证书后转到四年制大学, that will drive your plan.

    Finding Your Advisor

    You will work directly with an advisor at your location. You will start by logging into MyIvy,滚动到“快速链接”部分,然后单击“与顾问安排约会”. You can use this appointment scheduling guide for step-by-step instructions. The Advising Checklist 这份文件的第二页会给你一个很好的想法,告诉你会发生什么,以及如何为你的会议做最好的准备.

  • 担心如何支付学费不应该阻止你通过常春藤理工学院的教育来改善你的职业选择. There are many types of financial aid available 给我们的学生,我们希望你能找到最适合你的情况. 获得经济援助可以帮助你现在支付大学学费,完成学业时几乎没有债务,或者有一个更容易管理的付款计划.

    Financial Aid Options

    常春藤理工学院为学生提供了许多不需要偿还的援助方式. 这项礼物援助包括助学金、奖学金和勤工俭学项目.

    • Grants -助学金是根据学生的经济需要提供给学生的学费.
    • Scholarships -常青藤理工学院提供数百个奖学金,总价值超过700万美元. 奖学金基于许多因素,包括经济需求和/或学术成就. Many of the scholarships are tied to a certain campus. 你必须填写FAFSA,每年只填写一份奖学金申请.
    • Work Study Programs 你可以考虑联邦和州的勤工俭学项目来帮助支付你的教育费用. These require you to work a certain number of hours per week.
    • Loans - This is money that you borrow from a bank, credit union, 或者其他你需要在毕业后偿还的组织. 你偿还的金额将是贷款金额加上贷款期间收取的利息.

    Starting with the FAFSA

    FAFSA(免费申请联邦学生援助)是所有经济援助机会的起点, and you must fill it out every year. It’s actually easier to fill out than you might think. This page will help you 了解在填写表格时需要收集哪些信息以及采取哪些步骤.

  • 要注册课程,你必须已经被常春藤理工学院录取. It's a good idea to meet with your Advisor before registering. 你可以找到最适合你的课程与我们的时间表建设者,一个工具在 MyIvy 学生门户网站,让您轻松搜索您想要的类. When you’re ready, you can get started here on registering for classes. If you have questions about the process, you can find lots of answers here.

    You can also take advantage of Tuesdays@TheTech 你可以在任何一个周二到你当地的校园去获得个人支持和指导,以完成你的注册.

  • Put most simply, MyIvy is your student portal for email, course registration, grades, transcripts, online payments, class communication, college events, and other student services. 第一次登录MyIvy时,只需点击“首次用户”即可开始注册(see the complete steps here).

    IvyLearn 学生门户是否可以访问您的课程信息、教学大纲和在线课程作业. Learn more here about getting started with IvyLearn before your first class. 你会发现这两个门户网站将使你的亚游集团app下载体验容易导航.


  • As you know, the schedule builder MyIvy是我们的工具,它可以让你轻松地搜索你想要的类. 时间表生成器为您提供每门课程的日期和时间, instructor information, 还有课程描述,这样你就有了制定学期计划所需的一切.

    当你准备注册课程时,安排一个会议是一个好主意 your Advisor. Your advisor will make sure your academic plan is on track.

    You can also take advantage of Tuesdays@TheTech 你可以在任何一个周二到你当地的校园去获得个人支持和指导,以完成你的注册.

  • As a reminder, MyIvy is your student portal for email, course registration, grades, transcripts, online payments, class communication, college events and other student services. If you’re just getting started at Ivy Tech, click here to learn how to access MyIvy.

    IvyLearn Ivy Tech的学习管理系统是您访问课程信息的地方吗, syllabus, and online coursework. 要通过IvyLearn成功地开始在线课程,你需要做的是 three things at least one week before your class begins.

  • 你的指导老师不仅在你注册课程的时候,而且在整个学期中,如果你有问题或担忧,他都可以提供帮助. You can meet with your Advisor in person, virtually or on the phone. 记住,你的指导老师帮助你制定了学业完成计划. 回头检查一下,确保它仍然包括你当前的目标. If you’ve made a change, talk through that with your Advisor.

  • Remember that you will need to fill out the FAFSA (免费申请联邦学生援助),以及奖学金申请. Then you can keep track of your financial aid in MyIvy. 你的经济援助可能包括助学金、奖学金、贷款和/或勤工俭学. If you cannot make just one payment for your tuition, you can set up a payment plan in MyIvy.

    See important dates and deadlines for:

  • 你的成绩单包括你在常春藤理工学院的出勤信息. It includes your current program of study, any degrees awarded by Ivy Tech, transfer credit and term-by-term course, and grade and GPA information.

    You can request your transcript in MyIvy. 登录后,只需在页面顶部选择浏览主题,选择学术 & 从下拉菜单中选择“建议”,然后选择“请求官方成绩单”. 如果你愿意,你可以通过访问你的当地要求你的成绩单 Express Enrollment Center or Registrar’s Office. You can request mailed or electronic transcripts. The fee for official transcripts is $5 per copy.

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